Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Supporting Characters

Principal Davis

Kasi Davis is the principal of James Buchanan Middle School. She is tough but fair and is something of a straight-woman to much of the faculty.

Principal Davis began her career, like many educators, with a real sense of idealism and purpose. The bureaucratic system and life itself have done an amazing job beating all of that out of her. She still manages to maintain something of a rebellious spirit beneath a veneer of apathy. The only reason James Buchanan Middle School manages to stay afloat is because of her actions.

Principal Davis doesn’t really understand Jerry but believes he has some hidden knack for teaching. She admires his idealism and will usually step up to defend him after he makes a mistake. Davis knows too many teachers at her school don’t care anymore and she wants to protect the ones that do.

She has no idea Jerry is a giant lizard. 

Mr. Haldeman

A bald, nasty teacher that’s more interested in his own success rather than this students’. Richard Haldeman is paranoid and constantly assumes everyone’s out to get him. No one is, of course, because no one cares about him all that much.

He absolutely hates Jerry, who he sees as some new-fashioned “touchy-feely” teacher that will one day take his job. He has no idea that Jerry is a giant lizard.

Haldeman’s teaching style is based on yelling and insults. If a student hasn’t learned the material properly, then it’s the student’s fault, not his. Haldeman accepts no responsibility for any of his actions and assumes any complaint he receives is just because other people are jealous of his talent.

Jerry is completely unaware of Haldeman’s disdain for him. Jerry thinks Haldeman is an OK guy and will defend him against any criticism. All this does is infuriate Haldeman even more.

Haldeman is not a happy man.


Kevin is a science classroom’s lizard and a distant relative of Jerry. Kevin deeply resents that Jerry is mingling with humans rather than staying with his animal kind. Unlike Jerry, Kevin cannot talk or understand humans, while Jerry can. Jerry also has the ability to talk to and understand other animals.

Kevin frequently needles Jerry about his animal past and will occasionally tell him news about Jerry’s family. Jerry and Kevin’s relationship is tense but a sliver of familial love remains. If Jerry’s in trouble, Kevin will do his best to help, grudgingly or not.

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