Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jerry Monitor

Jerry is a 6-foot monitor lizard that possesses the ability to stand upright, talk and think like a human being. This unique trait ostracized Jerry from his lizard community and sent him down a deep spiral of depression. Only repeated viewings of his favorite inspirational teacher movies (“Dead Poet’s Society,” “To Sir With Love” etc) kept his sanity and inspired him to pursue a career in education.

By educating the youth of tomorrow, Jerry hopes he can make the world a better, more tolerant, place for strange creatures like him.

Rachel State

 Rachel is a 6th grade student at James Buchanan Middle School who is keenly aware that Jerry is not a human being, but a 6 foot monitor lizard. In fact, she is the only person at school who notices this. This incredible but true fact utterly blindsides her.

Supporting Characters

Principal Davis

Kasi Davis is the principal of James Buchanan Middle School. She is tough but fair and is something of a straight-woman to much of the faculty.

Principal Davis began her career, like many educators, with a real sense of idealism and purpose. The bureaucratic system and life itself have done an amazing job beating all of that out of her. She still manages to maintain something of a rebellious spirit beneath a veneer of apathy. The only reason James Buchanan Middle School manages to stay afloat is because of her actions.

Principal Davis doesn’t really understand Jerry but believes he has some hidden knack for teaching. She admires his idealism and will usually step up to defend him after he makes a mistake. Davis knows too many teachers at her school don’t care anymore and she wants to protect the ones that do.

She has no idea Jerry is a giant lizard. 

Concept Artwork

World's Best Sub


But What About ME?

Lizard Love

Educating the Youth of Tomorrow


Here are the thumbnails for the first story streatment:
Jerry's Class - Thumbnails

Story Treatments

Story Treatment #1

Jerry Monitor, the new substitute teacher for Mrs. Johnson’s class, is writing on the whiteboard. “Today’s the Career Fair, students. You can find out all about your dream job!” he says.

Rachel sarcastically remarks to her friend, Nina, “Dream job, huh? What are we, five?”

Rachel then notices that a tail appears to have popped out of Mr. Monitor’s pants. Mr. Monitor quickly pokes his tail back into his pants and begins to introduce himself.

Rachel leans in to Nina and asks, “Have you ever noticed anything odd about our new sub?” Nina doesn’t understand what she means.

Suddenly, a tongue strikes out of nowhere and grabs a student’s cell phone from out of his hand. The tongue retracts into Jerry’s mouth as Jerry cheerfully warns the student that he doesn’t allow cell phones in his class.

Another student raises his arm and asks what’s wrong with Jerry’s hand. Jerry looks at his hand and notices it’s shedding. As he frantically shakes his hand to be rid of the sheddings, Jerry informs the student this whole issue will be covered in the upcoming Human Growth and Development class.

The bell rings and class is over. Jerry quickly guides the students out of class so they’ll stop asking so many questions.